What is a PurpleDinner?

A PurpleDinner is a meal enjoyed in someone’s home.

How does it work?

Find a host and then send them a message to request a home dinner!

Hosts can also create a "Local Event" and send dinner invitations to members and non-members.

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Join our group of volunteers and help us spread the word about PurpleDinner! If you're interested to help build a local network to enjoy home dinners, send us an email: info@purpledinner.com 


Why Purple?

It’s a fun, creative color, and the name helps us spark your interest! We want you to be creative with your PurpleDinners, in terms of the foods you cook, your table setting, and other activities you might want to add to your PurpleDinner evenings, such as discussing interesting topics, going for a neighborhood walk, playing music together, playing sports or board games… and for a few of you who might want to actually make the dinner purple (by adding purple place settings, purple dishes, wearing purple clothes, etc.), please send us a photo, and we may feature your dinner photo on our website!!

The birth of the PurpleDinner
... from Greg Taff, one of the founders

On a vacation about 5 years ago, I was driving with a friend through a residential neighborhood in Miami, Florida around dinner time. We were getting hungry as the sun was setting over a quaint tree-lined neighborhood, and scents of barbeques and ethnic foods emanated from some of the homes. I looked around and said something like this to my friend, “We’re hungry and all these people in this neighborhood are cooking dinner right now, and some might be happy to host us for dinner. But we just can’t access them! Instead we have to drive all the way downtown, park, and pay a high price for a restaurant. But what if we could have dinner in one of these homes? What if we built a website to allow people to access these dinners cooked nightly in everyone’s home? It could even be more fun than eating in a restaurant!” 

Then years later, while playing tennis in my new home in Tromsø, Norway, I met Marsil Andjelov Al-Mahamid, co-founder of PurpleDinner, who had recently graduated from a Master's program in Business Creation and Entrepreneurship at the University of Tromsø, and we quickly became friends and decided to start this website.  Marsil's friend and colleague from the Master's program, John-Frederik Solberg, soon joined us and the three of us planned and launched the site, choosing the exciting name of PurpleDinner to encourage people to have fun and be creative with dinners hosted in people's homes!

A great way to meet people when traveling…

Countless times, I have spoken with friends and family who traveled to other countries. They usually came back quite excited about the trip, telling all about interesting sights and activities, and always talking about the food. If I asked, “Did you meet any locals?” they inevitably said something like, “We talked a bit with our cab driver, and the waiter was really nice, but other than that, no.” We at PurpleDinner believe many travelers would like the opportunity to meet locals, especially if they were offered a portal into the local culture and life – for instance, through a dinner at someone’s house!

I have had the luxury of living abroad, so I often have the chance to have dinner in someone's home in Norway, but I like to do this in every country I travel to, and I hope those who travel less often can really enjoy a unique home dinner experience too.  I was featured on the TV show House Hunters, International - so you can enjoy this House Hunters video if you'd like to see highlights about my move to Norway:

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