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Very seriousSomewhat seriousNot seriousNot religous

CookingPlaying sportsWatching professional sportsArtPhotography/VideographyVideo gamesTraveling and Exploring different placesReadingListening to musicPlaying a musical instrumentDancingActingSurfing the Internet/Blogging/ProgrammingWatching moviesGardeningCollectingBowlingIce skatingSkiingSurfingTrekkingFitnessExtreme sports and activities (such as sky diving, mountain climbing etc.)FishingWine tastingTaking care of petsIndoor games such as chess, cards (poker), pool or billiards.FashionYoga-PilatesKnitting-sewingVolunteering



VegetarianVeganGluten freeOrganicHalalKosher

Cash in personPaypalCredit cardPay through Purple Dinner (*Feature not yet available - coming soon)

Alcohol availableAlcohol not availableAlcohol available for extra cost

YesNoYes, but outside onlyOnly electronic cigarettes

KitchenDining roomTerrace/veranda/deckLiving roomOne-room apartment

Local walk/hikeCity tourVisit museumsSportsPlaying musical instruments in the homeFishingSwimming in lake/river/seaGoing out to nightlifeFlexible to guest's requests


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