Safety is our main Priority and it should be yours!

We know that trusting a stranger can be hard, but it can also create new opportunities and adventures. PurpleDinner will always continue to do everything we can to make you feel safe and comfortable.

Safety is our main concern and we are focused on providing as many safety features as possible. We strongly believe that everyone in the Purple Community will be treated with respect and honesty. We have written a few tips for our members, and advise that you read these before booking an event.

Before meeting your host/guest

Check their identity

Look for hosts/guests with complete profiles, real names, photos, and descriptions of themselves. You can ‘Google’ these names online and search for them in other social media, such as Facebook, to be sure their identities are real.

Most of all, we recommend you meet with them first over videoconference on our website (or via other means such as Skype or Google Hangout) to chat, especially if there are few or no reviews written by other members on their wall.

For added security, you may choose to meet your guest or host in a public place, and then travel together to the host’s home, after you have a short chat. If either party feels uncomfortable with the other at this time, then simply cancel the meeting while you are in public. While this may seem awkward at the time, it is much better than getting into a bad situation in someone’s home.

Focus on people with completed profiles

Avoid people with little information about themselves. Focus on people with most of the profile fields completed and on people who have put some extra effort to give you good information about themselves and their homes and meals.

The best way to get to know someone is by talking to them. Don’t be shy about sending a few messages to them before meeting, or using the chat feature on our website to have a longer chat online. For guests, take the time to find a host that seems both interesting and trustworthy to you. For hosts, be sure the guest seems trustworthy before inviting them into your home.

Finally, be sure that, as a guest, you inform the host of any food allergies or physical limitations/handicaps you have, and hosts:  be sure to inquire about food allergies and physical limitations (e.g., can't climb stairs) of your guests.

During the PurpleDinner event

  • Upon meeting, spend some time getting to know your host/guest. Do you feel comfortable with them? If you feel uneasy or something doesn’t seem right, trust your instincts and do what you need to do to be comfortable.
  • If you feel uncomfortable for any reason with your Host, address the situation politely and directly to see if you can find resolution.
  • Maintain your faculties. Travel can be disorienting. Use of drugs and alcohol can further complicate this. Don’t leave your well-being in the hands of someone else.
  • In any situation where you feel unsafe, threatened or in immediate danger, remove yourself and contact the local authorities – such as police or emergency services – right away.
  • It is good to carry a cell phone with you and know the emergency number in the country you are traveling. Even if you are not using your phone where you are traveling due to high roaming fees, emergency numbers are generally free, and even if not, certainly worth the cost for safety. Also know the address of the host in case you need to call for help.

After PurpleDinner event

If an unwanted situation occurs, please report the incident to us at We will investigate any individuals you had problems with. All reports are confidential.

Talk to PurpleDinner

You can contact us any time if you have some concerns or any questions.

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