Host Guidelines

The essence of PurpleDinner lies in meeting different people from different cultures. Of course, if you like to impress with your culinary skills, that will always be appreciated. But people may be happy with just a sausage casserole, Mac and Cheese, or other simple dishes. The important thing is to enjoy a meal in someone’s home, and share good times and cultural experiences, either locally or abroad.

To make the most of PurpleDinner cultural experiences, spend most of your time together in the same room, whether it’s eating together, or preparing the food together if the Guest has indicated an interest doing so. Cooking together can be a nice icebreaker, especially if there is a bit of a language barrier between the Guest and Host. But it is important for the Host to think through the practicalities of the evening ahead of time to be sure she/he has all the necessary ingredients and a prepared, cozy space for eating in the home.

Communicate ahead of time about basic expectations for the PurpleDinner. Be sure you’re clear about things such as date and time, meeting place (do they need help in arriving at your home?), length of the dinner, price, who will be at the dinner table, and any special food needs (preferences, dietary restrictions, allergies) the Guest may have.

You may also be creative and offer other services to your guests, such as overnight stays in your home, tours around the city, joining you to participate in your favorite activity/hobby, etc…

If you choose to make money from your guests (instead of merely sharing costs for dinner), it is your responsibility to know and follow the laws and regulations of your country and region/city regarding serving meals (e.g., your small operation could officially be considered a restaurant), including obtaining any necessary licenses, permissions, etc., and it is your responsibility to report any profits for tax purposes.

For added security, you can meet your Guest in a public place and plan to accompany them to your home (perhaps they’ll need help finding your home anyway); if you feel uncomfortable with your Guest in public, then do not bring them to your home. You can also choose to invite only Guests that have positive feedback on their Wall on You may also want to meet your Guest online first using our webcam chat function.

Talk to each other about topics that interest you, and enjoy getting to know each other’s cultures. Of course, food is an easy icebreaker topic. It’s always fun to find interests you have in common, as well as to discuss your customs that may be different.

To sum it up:

Loosen up and have a fun PurpleDinner!

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