A PurpleDinner is a meal enjoyed in someone’s home.

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This site matches guests with dinner hosts, currently in 85 countries. Great for travelers to enjoy authentic experiences abroad, dining in local homes.

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Sign up as a guest:

  • Meet people for dinner travelling or in your home town
  • Get a cooking lesson in someone's home
  • Enjoy a unique cultural event
  • Save money when you eat out
  • Support local economies when you travel

Sign up as a host:

  • Showcase your cooking and hosting
  • Host small dinners in your home
  • Meet travellers and others in your own town
  • Make extra money
  • Make new friends
Featured Dinner Hosts:


Baki is the owner of the best ice cream shop in Belgrade, Serbia, with a 170-year tradition and a fantastic, highly guarded secret ice cream recipe!

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Saveurs du Jour

Lynn is a great chef and runs a hidden restaurant in her beautiful home, located in the Laurentian Mountains, north of Montreal, Canada.


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Natex is quickly gaining notoriety as an author - his first novel "Mottaket" is a very personal and colorful depiction of the real difficulties of refugee life in Norway.  Now a permanent resident in Norway, he offers dinner to travelers and Norwegians alike, along with a fascinating set of stories at dinner.

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